Taking it to The Man since 2010 ... )'(
2010 Official Photo
The Official Photo of the 2010 Nevada Burners Photo Shoot (photo by Patrick Herz)


Since 2010, Nevada Burners gather every year in Black Rock City in front of The Man for a celebration and collective portrait.

All images from 2010-2019 can be found above or below, including links to Flickr for full sizes and outtakes.

For 2020, Nevada Burners participated multiversually …


The Official Photo of the 2020 Multiversual Nevada Burners Photo Shoot


Many thanks to all the volunteers and participants that have made this happen over the years.

Let’s do it again next year … in the dust )'(

Special thanks to Dave Kaul who helped originate the shoot in 2010 and who has done so much for both the Burner and worldwide community, and who returned to the cosmic center earlier this year – we love and miss you )'(

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